Saturday, October 6, 2012

New BLOG look!

Hope you like the 'new look'!  Get your orders in NOW for Christmas! If you're in Richmond...let me know if you'd like me to see these (and MORE!) in person:)!

Let's see how we can pull together and bless some Orphans in Ethiopia this Christmas!  I have a goal to raise enough money to sponsor 1 family ($35/month) or to make a one time donation for homes for widows and orphans (see Bring Love In: ).

Thank you for helping ME help God's children!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One day WITHOUT shoes

    TOMS. One Day Without Shoes. April 10. Poverty. Raising Awareness.

      OK, so let me explain. TOMS, a shoe company, gives one pair of shoes to a child in need every time you buy a pair. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Totally. But enough of me going on about some of my favorite shoes. Back to the point. TOMS has this event every year which is called One day without shoes. Yes, One day WITHOUT shoes. That means they try to get people to raise awareness of all the people in countries walking around barefoot in disgusting places just because they can not afford to buy shoes. I’ve been to Africa, seen the areas, these people need shoes! This is why what TOMS is doing is so great. They understand! That is why, last year and this year on April 10, 2012, I did not hesitate to kick off the shoes and set out on a one day journey to find out what children in third world countries go through every day. TOMS wants people to go barefoot for just one day so that they can understand what these people go through. So I know you might not want to walk around America barefoot but it is an amazing experience. Think about it for next year.  So what does this have to do with E4E? Nothing. It just reflects what E4E is all about. Raising Awareness and helping those in need. But now you know about this opportunity. This was my second year and I don’t regret it.

 Keep up with TOMS and find out when the next One Day Without Shoes is!

Watch for my next post about a contest!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Celebrating God's love!

Valentines Day... what does it really mean? Maybe exchanging a piece of candy along with a note. Does that note really count? I know that there is one note that we need to remember. One account that corresponds with Valentines day we find in the Bible is:

1 John 4:19 says We love because he first loved us.

Now that means something! I want to challenge you, as Valentines day is just around the corner, to not wonder what you will get out of Valentines Day but how you can love others. God gave us the true meaning of love! As Christians we should show that love! I know we aren't perfect but even the little phrase "I love you" can turn things around.  And while your at it, check out the new Valentines earrings! :D Check off something on your to do list! Enjoy the pleasures in life! Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

So to FINALLY update you on Earrings4Ethiopia (E4E)

Many of you have supported me in my desire to care for orphans, especially as I was starting E4E.  So now I need to catch you up on the past few months.

In case you don’t know, my brothers lived at the Thomas Center in Ethiopia for a year.
Initially, I gave the first proceeds to the Thomas Center in June, 2011 for them to use for formula and food.  It made me feel valuable and part of God’s plan. 

Now, thanks to many purchases over Christmas, I’m ready to send another check!
This time, I am sending over $500!!! to somewhere different. Daniel, that helps manage the the Thomas Center, is starting a nonprofit daycare and biblical training program for one of the poorest areas in Addis Ababa. This is so non-working moms can send their young children to this daycare while they work. This helps the moms to not have to orphan their kids when they can’t afford to keep and feed them. My dad is helping Daniel, along with some people from California, to help this daycare open. Attached is a link for the website:

I feel that the money will greatly impact the work being done on this project. Many children will be directly sponsored with this donation!  Hopefully you will be encouraged to continue promoting E4E ongoing!  I am excited to see what God will do.